SAMSUNG C24F390FHE 24" curved 4ms LED Full HD HDMI&VGA

Sale price$299.00


 Size 24"
Curvature 1800R
Panel Type VA
Resolution 1920x1080
Refresh Rate 60Hz
Features  MagicBright, game mode, Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio, Magic Upscale, Flicker Free technology, Mercury free, Image Size, Eco Saving Plus, Eye Saver Mode, FreeSync Technology, 72% (NTSC 1976) colour gamut
VGA, HDMI, Headphones


Discover a truly immersive viewing experience with the Samsung CF390 Curved Monitor that curved more deeply than no other. Wrapping around your field of vision, the 1800 R screen - with its 1800 mm radius of arc for greater curvature - creates a wider field of view, enhances depth perception, and minimizes peripheral distractions to draw you deeper into your content. So whether it is an online movie, a favorite TV show, or a pulse-racing game, Samsung's deeper screen curve will fully immerse you in all your multi-media content.
Enjoy increased viewing comfort with the CF390. The deeper curvature of the 1800 R screen allows your eyes to track effortlessly across the screen, without the need to change focus. Eye Saver mode reduces blue light emissions - which stimulate the retina more than other color wavelengths and reduces eye fatigue to provide a more comfortable viewing experience. Furthermore, Samsung's Flicker Free technology minimizes distracting screen flicker to let you work and play for a longer period of time and in greater comfort.
The CF390 has best-in-class 3000:1 contrast ratio to ensure clear visibility in the darkest and brightest scenes. Also, Samsung's curved display technology minimizes light leakage from the screen edges to ensure more uniform blacks across the entire viewing area.
Samsung CF390 Curved Monitor has a super slim curved panel - with an astonishingly slim 11.9 mm profile, as slender as a ballpoint pen, the solid curved panel is almost twice as thin as standard Samsung monitors. It's simple circular stand elegantly complements the slender curved panel.

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