Welcome to Regeneration Ltd, a New Zealand registered company since November 2021! We’re a refurbished technology seller based in Hamilton and we’re seriously passionate about what we do. A lot of computers and computer equipment, especially Laptops end up in e-waste because they’re too slow for Windows 10, however usually the processing power of the laptop is not to blame, but the hard drive or RAM. We upgrade all our laptops Hard Drives to SSDs to make them lightning fast and ready for your modern day needs at a fraction of the price! If a laptop is not up to the task of keeping up with your daily tasks, it goes to recycling.

We have lots of other cool products though, not just Laptops. Our products range from Desktops, cellphones, tablets and more! We’ve done extensive market research on pricing and suppliers to get you guys the best deal possible on our products, you’ll struggle to find products at a better price than ours! If you have any queries about products on our website feel free to get in touch via phone or email, we’re always more than happy to have a chat and get you exactly what you need.


Regeneration Ltd is a family business originally operated as a Trademe only business, you can check out our Trademe account here: Trade Me - New Zealand Online Auctions and Classifieds

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