6 reasons to partner with Regen:

Affordable without

We understand the value of a dollar and how far it can go, Thats why we partner with Cartridge world for all your printing needs and focus on refurbished modern tech for your cost saving benefit. But there's no compromises here, we partnered with Cartridge world as they manufacture OEM quality toners and inks while costing up to half of what an OEM cartridge does, and our refurbished tech undergoes extensive testing and upgrading to make sure it's ready for your businesses needs in the modern tech world.



With a combined over 20 years of experience within our team we have the expertise that you need to keep your business running smoothly and securely. We also have partners in the industry that cover all parts of the industry, so you can rest assured knowing that whatever you need, we've got it covered.


Your one stop shop

Whether you're just needing your day-to-day IT services managed, printer cartridges sorted or replace your aging tech, we've got you covered.


Onsite Maintenance

Our team of experts is on call and ready to head out to your business at the drop of a hat to get you back and running ASAP.


Reliable Security

We use Mikrotik for all our networking and security needs. Mikrotik make powerful and reliable routers, firewalls etc. Without breaking the bank.


Service and Support

Phone and email support available at all hours of the day, whether your issue is at 6am or 6pm, we're here for you.