HP Genuine OEM Laptop Charger 19.5V 3.33A 65W 4.5x3.0mm Connector Size (using Converter Adaptor)

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HP Genuine OEM Laptop Charger 19.5V 3.33A 65W 4.5x3.0mm Connector Size (using Converter Adaptor)

This HP Genuine OEM Laptop Charger is a trustworthy and reliable choice, as it is not an aftermarket product. With a 19.5V output and 3.33A power supply, it delivers a powerful 65W charge to keep your laptop running smoothly. The 4.5mmx3.0mm connector size ensures compatibility with a range of devices. Get genuine quality for your laptop with this charger.


  • Built in Over Temperature Control.
  • Built in Over Voltage Protection.
  • Built in Short Circuit Protection.
  • Built in Current Protection.
  • Fire Retardant Casing
  • Sealed for Protection Against Moisture and Humidity.
  • 12 Month Guarantee.

Compatible with the following models:

* HP Envy 17 Notebook Series:
TouchSmart 17-J078CA, TouchSmart 17-J043CL, TouchSmart 17-J037CL, TouchSmart 17-J030CL, TouchSmart 17-J023CL, 17T-J000, 17-J170CA, 17-J160NR, 17-J150NR, 17-J130US, 17-J120US, 17-J099NR, 17-J098EF, 17-J092NR, 17-J082EG, 17-J073CA, 17-J070EZ, 17-J070CA, 17-J060US, 17-J057OL, 17-J051EI, 17-J050US, 17-J043CL, 17-J041NR, 17-J040US, 17-J040NR, 17-J034CA, 17-J030US, 17-J029NR, 17-J027CL, 17-J023CL, 17-J021NR, 17-J020US, 17-J013CL, 17-J011SP, 17-J011SA, 17-J011NR, 17-J010US, 17-J010EL, 17-J008EO, 17-J005EO, 17-J000

* HP Envy M7 Notebook Series:
TouchSmart m7-J010DX

12-Month Warranty

Genuine HP Product

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